We’ve been making cards since 1999.

Our first range was Harold’s Planet, which we created whilst living in a ramshackle hut on Cerf Island in the Seychelles. We licensed the range to Clare Maddicott Publications in 2001. In 2008 Abacus cards acquired Clare Maddicott Publications, and Harold’s Planet has gone from strength to strength. Twenty two years in over 3,000 retailers across the UK, and our bobbly-nosed, soft-footed friend is still going strong.

Vimrod was a daily online cartoon that ran from 2003 to 2014, and back then was published by Paperlink. Vimrod is now back with a bang.

Oddbod, initially featuring two characters trapped in a flat, was born in 2020 as an online cartoon during lockdown.

We plan to publish a bunch of new ranges over the coming year, including Me Without You and Happiness Is…

Me Without You is a range based on our eponymous book published by Chronicle Books in San Francisco. As a New York Times Bestseller, it has to-date sold close to a three quarters of a million copies.

Happiness Is…is an online project we launched from Sayulita in Mexico in 2014, that gained 3 million Facebook followers in its first year. Initially also published by Chronicle Books, seven titles were released with over a million copies sold across 24 languages.